8 New Research Positions within the INTEGRIM Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Please note that the deadline to submit a proposal has been extended.

THE NEW DEADLINE IS: 11th April 014 at 14.00 p.m (Brussels time)


This project aims to research on policies and pathways of integration processes concerning migrants and minorities in European societies. The early-stage research positions offered in this call are open to students exploring issues related to migration and the integration of migrants in European societies, whose doctoral research should fit into the following INTEGRIM themes:

  1. Identity and cultural integration;
  2. Citizenship and political participation;
  3. Labour and social integration;
  4. Urban integration, residential patterns and mobility.

The ESR posts should ideally be assigned to PhD candidates who are already in more advanced stages of their doctoral research and the elaboration of their thesis (applicants should have no more than 4 years of full-time research experience since obtaining the degree that entitles them to pursue doctoral studies). The programme offers them the possibility of enjoying a one-year-long research stay at one of the academic institutions of the network (or two years in the case of Central European University), either to improve their analysis or to develop the corresponding field work for their projects.”

Migrinter is recruiting a PhD candidate for 12 months in the following Work Package :

WP2- Citizenship and Political Participation: the network is interested in three specific areas: (1) transnational political participation and transnational citizenship and most particularly with the political participation of emigrants in their home countries; (2) links between culture and citizenship where artistic cultural production can act as a means of integration and participation even at the political level; and (3) political participation from an original perspective.

Contacts :
Thomas Lacroix : thomas.lacroix@univ-poitiers.fr
Kamel Doraï : mkdorai@univ-poitiers.fr
For further information: http://www.integrim.eu/application-process/

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